This sorta just happened. I’m into spy things, I liked the advert thing, okay.
3/5 because I got too lazy, apologies.

This has been sitting on my pc for too long. Here I did a thing. (heres a link too)
Excuse me, I really enjoy drawing louis in beanies.
UPDATE: harry does not have 3 teeth, thats like…his other teeth, you know…perspective.


Secretly, Harry loves being pampered

This idea popped into my head over the weekend and wouldn’t leave me alone. Couldn’t get all the visuals I wanted in a single illustration so here’s a comic :))


I know you want a pocket-size Louis on your dash :3


friend: hey wanna join me and my boyfriend to this awesome party?

me at the party: 


R.I.P-A Masterpost of Harry Suffering on a Pier


happier times, when he was allowed to wear his warm ikea monkey clothing


unfortunately, the ushanka came off, and that’s when tragedy struck

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my anaconda don’t want none unless u got a leak of 1d’s new album hun

Chicago, 30/08. +/+